Great Movie Moments – A Nightmare on Elm Street: Come to Freddy!


Sometimes, a movie has a scene in it that transcends the movie itself.  A Nightmare on Elm Street has several of those scenes, but here’s my favorite.  “Come to Freddy!” is one of those Great Movie Moments

I think this scene as disturbing and scary as it gets when it comes to this franchise.  Seeing Kris in the body bag brings a reality to her death that otherwise wouldn’t have been felt.  Sure, there are funerals in these movies, but you rarely get to see anyone dead for more than a few seconds.   This, coupled with the amazing lighting in Freddy’s boiler room and the great performances from the cast are what made this more than a little indie film and instead a worldwide phenomenon.

Sure, there’s the spinning room and the final confrontation with Freddy, but for me, nothing beats “Come to Freddy!”  It’s a work of horrific genius!

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