Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 6) movie review


“I’ll get you, my pretty!  …Seriously though, are we really doing this?  How ’bout I just jump over a shark and get it over with?”

The first minute or so of the trailer shows so much promise, but everything that follows is what you really get from Freddy’s Dead:  The Final Nightmare: an action comedy with zero scares.  Didn’t see that coming, huh?  Well, I guess after part five’s mixed bag, we should have!  Let’s take a closer look at the movie that ended the A Nightmare on Elm Street series… for a while. 

The trailer presents a tale of two movies, but what you get is a streamlined funfest with some dramatic elements to push the plot along. It looks like the movie will start out as a prequel, telling you how Freddy got his powers… and while the movie does ask questions, it just peppers answers in between jokes.

Also, this is the best trailer ever.


That expression says it all.

So, what do we have to work with this time around?  Well, the dream sequences are ok, not great, but better than part 5.  This could be Freddy at his silliest – I cannot stress enough that this movie plays like a comedy.  Just listen to the music and sound effects!  It’s baffling, but fun.  The movie has a fast pace and some enjoyable imagery (also, cameos from Rosanne, Tom Arnold and Johnny Depp), but again, they forgot to make it scary.  Like, not even for a second.  They didn’t even try.  That’s a choice, and it’s a fun watch, but Freddy is the scariest concept in slasher movie history and to go completely camp is disappointing.

Oh well.  This movie might be stupid, but it’s not frustrating and is worth a watch for Freddy fans if for nothing other than to watch Freddy play video games.


They hadn’t done this yet, I’ll give ’em that!

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