Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child movie review

There are movies like Dream Master, which could easily be fixed, and then there’s the next sequel in the Nightmare on Elm Street parade of films, The Dream Child.  This one just blows in a general way. 

That trailer up there says it all.  I don’t think any of those shots are in the movie, probably because they had to release the trailer to start marketing the movie before they started filming.  And that’s probably why nobody went to see this flick; between Freddy fatigue (this was the fifth film in the series released only 6 years after the first) and a commercial with no information, who’d want to see this?  It’s the lowest grossing film in the franchise if you don’t count New Nightmare, which I don’t think you should as it came out well after the other ones and is kind of its own meta thing.

So, why does this movie suck so bad?  For one thing, the tone waves around. A LOT.

As soon as the movie starts, you immediately notice that film stock seems nicer, the sets are a little better…  the overall look seems improved, I’ll say that.  To go even farther, there’s a serious tone that we’ve never seen before; not like this.  As it rolls on and Freddy returns (and initially kinda looks like the mini Voldemort from The Goblet of Fire), it’s suddenly clear that Freddy is both the comic relief AND the bad guy.  This could work, but when you open the movie so dark and then switch over to this brightly colored Freddy (Why is his sweater so clean?  And his makeup is just… wrong.) who keeps yelling out one liners like:

“It’s a boy!”
“Fuel injected!”
“Is she delicious or am I crazy?”
“Bon appÈtit, bitch!”
“Faster than a bastard maniac! More powerful than a loco-madman! It’s… Super Freddy!”

It just doesn’t work.

(He continues with his “bitch” fetish but also starts calling everyone “piggies” in this movie for some reason.)

The most disappointing story issue was Amanda, Freddy’s mom.  The movie seemed to set up a ghost showdown right from the get go, but in the end, she just kinda stuffed Freddy into her ghost uterus and left.  (Seriously.  Sorry if I spoiled the movie for ya.)  It just wasn’t that interesting and, in an effort to give Jacob something to do (who’s sixish for some reason and really could have just been a plot device and didn’t need to be in the movie at all), he’s the one who truly takes down Freddy… although, Freddy should have been weak anyway because Freddy gave him the souls rather than keeping them for himself…

If I try to sort this shit out, I’ll be here all day, so let’s move on.

My last point on Amanda:  “Look for me in the tower! By which I mean, I’m in the tower, come break down the brick wall covering the door and tap me on the shoulder which will make my body disappear and leave nothing but my robes because I’m Obi-Wan Kenobi, apparently.”

Yeah, that was stupid.  Why it took them the entire movie to figure that one out… well, whatever.

This might be the cheapest soundtrack ever.  It’s all Yamaha DX7 synthesizer, public domain “Pomp and Circumstance,” sound effects right out of Scooby Doo (especially Dan’s truck) and Boris Karloff laughing for some reason.  It’s as cheap as cheap gets.

The filmmakers didn’t make the greatest of choices, like having less kills, and worse, they reused that thing where Freddy puts a character in a time loop , but this time,  it was for no reason at all.

The real tragedy of Dream Child is they just didn’t do anything great with the dream sequences – certainly not as good as part 3 or 4.  In fact, as the movie went on, the dream sequences got less interesting instead of better and became repetitious and even boring.  If you’re a Freddy completist, you’ll see this movie anyway, but otherwise, there’s nothing here to recommend.

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