Hollow Man movie review


“In the rain/The pavement shines like silver…”

It was the year 2000.  Some said it was the start of a new millennium.  Others argued that there was no year zero, so calendar worshippers would have to wait till next year to celebrate.  As it happens, invisible man fans will still have to wait for a good movie featuring this concept, because Hollow Man ain’t it. 

Zero scares
We just rewatched this flick and I saw it way back when, and this movie has no scares, no jumps, no nothing.  It’s populated by unlikable characters doing dumb things, even by slasher movie standards.

“State of the Art”
Those quotes are intentional.  The motion capture on Kevein Bacon looked bad then and it looks worse now.  Don’t forget, we’d already seen The Matrix and The Phantom Menace by this point, so these special effects here aren’t anything to get excited about even by the standards of the past.

Unlikable characters
The biggest problem with this movie is the characters and their motivations.  Everyone behaves like crazy teenager, but the movie populated by PHDs, so you’d expect at least one of them not to be a complete and total asshole, but instead, ALL OF THE CHARACTERS ARE UNBELIEVABLE SHIT HEADS.  Everything everyone does is dumb, everything they say is dumb, their reactions are dumb, it’s dumb!

If you could just find a way to root for Elizabeth Shue and Josh Brolin, this movie could be saved, but I hated them too, so… whatever.

“The question is, what would you do if you knew you couldn’t be seen?”
The answer is rape women and kill people which is not only a horrible answer, it’s also not a very entertaining one.  When a character’s motivation is, “He’s gone crazy because of the drugs we injected him with,” and you don’t execute it well, it makes for a terrible movie.  You won’t believe Kevin Bacon’s descent into madness for one second.

“I like my Bacon WELL DONE!”
Elizabeth Shue doesn’t yell this any time Kevin Bacon gets burned.

There’s no other way to say it, Hollow Man is terrible.  It looks like crap, the characters are crap and there’s just nothing to get invested in except the fact that you get to see Kevin Bacon’s digital package, which, I guess, is something.

Anyway, this movie sucks.  Is it so bad it’s good?  That’s up to you.

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