OctoBOO is almost here!

trick or treating

“This is our formal request that you surrender your candy willingly… or we can cordially invite you to SMELL OUR FEET.”

October 1st is right around the corner, so I thought I’d get the Halloween logo up a little early.  Once the calendar gives September the bird, we’re in an all month every-day-is-Halloween party featuring scary movie reviews and what have you.  It’s going to be spooky-scary! 

I’m super pumped for this!  We’re going to kick off the festivities with Hollow Man and then finish what we started last year by reviewing the rest of the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies.  We’ll also dig into the Jaws franchise as well as other things from off the beaten path.  Oh, and it won’t be limited to movie reviews – we’ve got some other stuff for ya, too.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or use the email signup on the left side to get notifications of each post!  It’s going to be a frightfully good time!  You can see last year’s Halloween posts and follow this year’s new stuff by using our Halloween tag.


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