Baby Mama movie review

Baby_mamaQ:  How many talented actors does it take to make a crappy movie?

A:  Five. At least five.

Witness that tragedy that is Baby Mama. 


If you plan to see this movie; it’ll spoil what little jokes and drama this movie has to offer.

Here’s a bunch of stuff that Baby Mama should have let gestate for a few more weeks.  (Or months.)

Go all the way!
The biggest problem with Baby Mama is that it’s a broad comedy that’s afraid of its own shadow.  That opening scene featuring the man running from his date with baby crazy Tina Fey just doesn’t work.  They should have had the tablecloth tucked into his pants or something; that kind of joke needed some physical comedy barriers that showed no matter how big the obstacle, that guy was getting out of that restaurant, but instead, we get this lame packaging that sets the tone for the rest of the flick.

In case you’re wondering what tone that is, it’s this:

Nevermind, rein it in!
That awful montage of Amy Poehler stuffing her face with snacks is the opposite of funny. I get it, she’s trying to eat fatty foods to gain weight, but man, Poehler is funny; just get out of her way and let her be funny!

“Expecting what, a social security check?”
This is one of maybe 4 laughs in this movie.  The rest is in the trailer.  It’s comedy that’s so lame it just can’t be funny.

Product placements galore
They’re even on the fucking poster!  This movie is just…

From “Jeez, this isn’t funny” to “Fuck you!”
Yeah, there are some vegan restaurants that serve raw food, but I’m pretty sure they don’t serve you uncooked bread, you assholes.  What, did you just get finished watching that racist dinner scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?  Fuck you, movie.  FUCK.  YOU.

In case it’s not clear, I didn’t like this movie.  It didn’t let brilliant actors do what they do best (Poehler, Fey and Romany Malco are severely handcuffed) and it just kinda waffles around as you wait for its inevitable (and stupid) conclusion.  I can’t recommend this flick a comedy, a chick flick or for even completists who loves these performers.

It just sucks.

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