Great Movie Moments – The Social Network: You have the minimum amount


Sometimes, a movie has a scene in it that transcends the movie itself.  The Social Network has one of those scenes, and this is it.  The “You have the minimum amount” is one of these Great Movie Moments

I’ve heard people say that The Social Network has as much to do with the book upon which it is based as the book does with actual events, which I take to mean that everything is bullshit, but hey, you’ve got to give it up to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin:  this is a well crafted moment.  Jesse Eisenberg knocks it out of the park; you can watch this scene completely out of context and think, “Wow, this movie must be amaz-balls.”  I think that’s hyperbole, but it is a quality flick.

There is another moment in this movie that sticks with me, but not to the same degree.

Oh SNAP!  Spider-Man is PISSED!  You’ve got to love “I’m coming back for everything.”  It’s magical.  Andrew Garfield can really turn a phrase.

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