Mission: Impossible 2 aka M:I-2 aka “Meh.” (a movie review)


This is what it sounds like when the doves cry… because John Woo threw them through FIRE!”

If you go into a store and ask for watermelon and they hand you a pound of coffee, that’s their fault.  If you by a ticket to go see a movie directed by John Woo and are disappointed its not like the first one (as helmed by Brian De Palma), that’s on you.  John Woo action movies are a genre unto themselves and while I tend to think this was a mistake for the franchise, they’ve clearly recovered from this installment and now, it’s simply an early twenty-first century oddity doused in Limp Bizkit’s… bisque. 

Cars are spinning out of control together, people are pointing guns at each other, birds are inexplicably flying around, slooooooooooow mooooooootion!  Motor Cycles!  Tom Cruise’s hair!  John. Woo!  So this trailer doesn’t exactly bury the lead.

Not only is Sir Anthony Hopkins is in this movie, but everything he says is horrible:

“It’s not Mission: Difficult, it’s Mission: Impossible. Difficult ought to be a walk in the park for you.”

In response to Tom Cruise’s “She’s got no training for this kind of thing,” we get”To go to bed with a man and lie to him?  She’s a woman.  She’s got all the training she needs.”

So what can you say about this film?  Wikipedia put it succinctly: “Mission: Impossible II received mixed reviews, with critics praising the fast-paced action scenes and Cruise’s performance, but criticizing the plot, dialogue, little resemblance to its source material, and overall lack of substance.”  I take issue with the “little resemblance to its source material” because whether they meant the TV series or the first film, I’d still argue that MI2 is close enough.  However different its John Woo-y-ness makes it, at its core, it’s still a spy/action movie starring Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, and that’s good enough for me.

But is Mission Impossible 2 worth your time at this late date?  Unless you’re a completest, a big fan of the franchise or genre, I’d pass on this flick and watch the first one or one of the more recent installments.  It’s not bad (although at times – especially the end – it’s down right silly), but it’s certainly not good, either.


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