My Prediction for the Inevitable Back to the Future Reboot

You know it’s coming – at some point, Hollywood will reboot Back to the Future and give us all new zany adventures that feature a white protagonist inspiring black characters.  In the original, Marty inspired a guy sweeping the floor to become the mayor of his town and then went on to chicken-or-the-egg Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode.”

ASIDE:  This is probably why I prefer Back to the Future Part II rather than the original; the sequel features no Oedipus style incest nor does it try to take credit for the invention of rock and roll or the civil rights movement away from African Americans and bestow it upon a white teenager.*

Anyway, when they do finally get around to remaking Back to the Future, it’s going to take place in the 1970s and go a little something like this:



WIKI links for further reading: Sylvia Robinson, “Rapper’s Delight”

*If you disagree, you’re racist!  =)

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