@Uptomyknees (Max Landis) likes to Tweet up a Twitter storm


I’m a fan of screenwriter Max Landis (Twitter handle @Uptomyknees) and a few weeks ago, it occurred to me that I could probably follow him on Twitter, so I did.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised he’s a frequent Tweeter, but brother, can that guy ever Tweet.  He’s the Tweetest Tweeter whoever Tweeted.





This may seem like a post about Max Landis and Red Letter Media, but it’s actually about Twitter.  This conversation would never happen without Twitter, and while it’s not the most important dialogue in the world, it’s interesting to me specifically… so there you go.  “What about Facebook?” you may ask.  Well, Facebook is for baby pictures and celebrating what you cooked for dinner and yeah, people do talk on there, but my feed is all kids and food.

Anyway, Mas Landis wrote a movie that opened a few weeks ago called American Ultra (which I haven’t had a chance to see yet and didn’t make a priority because 1. I had no idea Landis wrote it and 2. the trailer confused me) and it hasn’t done well here in the states but has fared better at European box offices, but it doesn’t look like they’re going to make their money back.  This is what Hollywood calls a flop and what everyone else on earth calls a failed business venture, which happens all the time.

Landis then took to Twitter to propose the idea that the movie didn’t do well because it was an Original Idea and not an adaptation, sequel or reboot.  I don’t think he’s entirely wrong; you don’t need to be a film buff to notice that the big movies coming out these days are known properties rather than new concepts, but I tend to think that if you market something well with the “right” stars, you can get people into the theater to see anything.

RLM’s movie review show Half in the Bag took a look at American Ultra and didn’t have much nice to say about the movie or Landis’ afore-linked-to tweets, which Landis responded to here:


max-landis-twitter-4 max-landis-twitter-3

Essentially, Landis felt that RLM characterized his tweets in a way that was unfair… and I can’t say I agree with him.  Here’s the episode:

This is what can be referred to as “taking the long way around the barn” because this got people taking a bit more notice of a lot of things:

  • Max Landis
  • Red Letter Media
  • American Ultra
  • Half in the Bag
  • movies that are adaptations, sequels or reboots vs movies that are not
  • backing up statements with concise arguments (or facts)

and so on.  Generally, people were civil on this thread and RLM went on to invite Max Landis onto their other show, Best of the Worst, which would be an extraordinary benefit to me, the viewer.

Twitter is a fascinating place where interesting people have thought provoking conversations about things that excite me and this is as good an example as any.  Any time people stop what they’re doing and have serious conversations about things I’m into, it’s a good time.

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