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2004’s Catwoman is a mess of pandering, lazy and sloppy writing that the filmmakers hoped would be covered over by Halle Berry’s beauty.  SPOILER ALERT:  it is not. 

When you drop $100 million on a movie, you end up with a lot of cooks in the kitchen, but at the same time, you’d think there’d also be a voice of reason that chimes up with, “Hey, maybe the screenplay isn’t the area where we should cut corners on a project this big.”  That did not happen.  There are dropped plot threads (the necklace is a good example), lazy writing (Dr. Exposition, the gay beard guy, “Can you see in the dark?  I can.”) and a general sense of “I could give a shit” when it comes to the script.

I read that this movie went through nearly 10 years of development role as it was originally supposed to be a spinoff movie for Michelle Pfeiffer, but man, did somebody drop the ball.  Maybe it truly was a case of too many cooks as the movie checks off the following boxes:

  • “Fill the movie with contrasting colors! This is what comic books look like!” (…Right?  Well, no, not really, unless you’re talking about the 1960s.)
  • “Make it like Batman Returns, but not too much.”  (So she still dies and comes back to life as Catwoman.)
  • “Also make it like Spider-Man so she has super powers!” (But the original character doesn’t have super powers so the audience might not accept it, so change her name and do whatever you want.)
  • “And make it like Legally Blonde so we can say it’s empowering to women.”  (I guess?)
  • “It should pander to the ladies but have enough Halle Berry sexiness in it to bring in the men.”  (If a plot about killer makeup, which kinda sounds like Batman 1989, isn’t sexist, then yeah, I guess it panders… and Halle Berry certainly shows skin and wiggles around a lot, so.. check mate.
  • “The movie needs lots of comic relief but it can’t be too funny because it’ll conflict with the action adventure, magic cat, makeup that makes you invulnerable to pain thing we’re doing…”

My point is that a movie can’t be everything, especially when a lot of these ideas conflict.  I’d pass on Catwoman unless you’re a comic book movie completist or a so bad it’s good/worst movies ever sort of person.

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