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What can I say about Darkman?  It’s very much a product of its time in terms of its action movie-ness, yet it’s clear Sam Raimi wanted to make a superhero movie back when studios weren’t knocking each other open to buy up licenses.  So we can an original character and a new franchise and get to hear Liam Neeson do an American accent. 

Apparently, you can stretch $16 million pretty far.  This movie doesn’t have much in the way of big names (Neeson wasn’t super famous back in 1990), but it does have explosions, gun fire, stunts and a carnival!

“Take the fucking elephant!” may be the greatest delivery in Neeson’s career.

The movie is worth it just to watch this scene in context.  And you can really appreciate the effects in this movie even if they don’t look so great now – remember, this movie predates Super Nintendo!  (OK, only by a few months, but you get the point.)

If you’re anywhere near your within 10 years of 35, give Darkman a chance; it’ll take you back to a time when gas was cheap, movies had almost no CGI and there was no social media.

Also, you get to watch the carnival scene!

You can watch the entire movie on YouTube for free because no one gives a fuck.

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