Quick Pitch: HBO should do Harry Potter series after Game of Thrones


I’ve already got the promo art ready!


I know you guys are busy dominating the TV short season with Game of Thrones (although The Walking Dead franchise clearly has its eyes on the crown), but I’ve got a pitch for ya.  Once the race to win the Iron Throne is over, it’s only logical that you find another big project to turn into your next must see series (forgive me if I don’t think Ballers is going to make your subscriber rates jump) and it really ought to be Harry Potter.  Check this out: 

Like A Song of Ice and Fire, the Harry Potter book series is already immensely popular (even more so), meaning the audience is built-in.  Sure, you’ll probably have to wrestle Warner Bros and Universal over some rights issues, but I think everyone can see the money that’s ready to be made here – not to mention that they need support the investment in they’ve made in the theme parks.  A Harry Potter TV show that adapts all of the novels into 10 episodes per book would be a shot in the arm that Pottermore never can be.

You’ve also got a lot of certainty – JK Rowling’s books are already finished, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.  Not only that, but there’s tons of stuff that didn’t make it into the movies, like the Death Day Party and more regrettably, the scenes from the Pensive in The Half Blood Prince.  Also, there’s a chance to do right by stuff that went wrong the first time – things like all of the special effects in the first movie.  


“You’re safe now, but we shall never meet again because Warner Bros doesn’t want to spend the money on rendering a decent digital version of me.”

Not only could HBO give us things we haven’t seen before, but they could clean up messes like these.

There are copious piles of money to be made by giving the audience what they want.  All you need to do is get Warner Bros to take a page out of Sony’s book and team up with someone who knows what they’re doing, which is you.  You’ve got the adult demo, no question there, and now you’re bringing in the super young with Sesame Street, but Harry Potter is the family friendly franchise that’ll turn HBO from a superfluous extra to a must have.

And I’m available to produce.

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