McFarland, USA movie review

McFarland, USA is a Disney Factory Made© inspirational sports movie that will hold your attention during its 129 minute running time and features no surprises at all. 

Director Niki Caro teams up with cinematographer Adam Arkapaw to create some lovely images; this is the best part of the movie by far.  As it’s a Disney Factory Made© inspirational sport movie, it’s nice that there’s stuff to look at, because the story is paint by numbers Mighty Ducks-esque.  This might be confusing because the movie is a story about real people, but, just to be clear, the movie is based on actual events, not a literal translation of what actually happened.  This is good storytelling at best and severely manipulating at worse, but that’s your call.  If you care to know, the historical inaccuracies can be found here.

Oh, and when I say “good story telling at best,” I mean “storytelling that a Disney Factory Made© inspirational sports movie deemed acceptable.  And by that, I mean the story is… fine.  You know, just fine.

The movie has fine performances (Kevin Costner and his crew do a fine job) and it’s through this and work by Caro and Arkapaw (rather than the screenplay) that the movie derives its heart and earns the praise it gets.  There’s nothing special happening here, but McFarland, USA is a decent little movie that won’t disappoint fans of the genre.  (Disney Factory Made© inspirational sports movie!)

SCORE:  7 out of 10

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