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There are hardly any movies like The FP and there are basically no trailers that play like this one, either.  I usually talk about trailers in a separate context, but in this case, I have to point out that I completely missed the point the first time I saw the trailer, by which I mean I got this movie’s genre wrong.  You know how Tommy Wiseau retroactively says The Room is  a comedy and not a drama?  This movie is actually a comedy that is played (and shot) as a straight up drama and it works perfectly.  Additional praise to follow. 


Besides a lack of advertising, I think the reason The FP wasn’t able to make its meager budget back was the trailer’s inability to convert viewers into buyers because, like me, they didn’t get it.  It’s actually a brilliant trailer, but it went over my head and the fact that a movie this great couldn’t bring in $45,000 makes me think other people missed it, too.  I think this is a case of a movie being ahead of the audience; I’m not sure anyone has ever made a comedy like this before and maybe we just weren’t ready for it.

With that in mind, check out the first ten minutes and then decide if you want to see the flick.

How great is that last shot?  This movie is amazing.

There is basically nothing that I don’t like about this movie.  When it comes to the script, there’s not a lot to say – it’s basically Rocky with an 80s action movie revenge twist. The performances are great:  I especially like Jason Trost as JTRO (the leading man – and the eye patch is real, by the way), Lee Valmassy (the bad guy), Caitlyn Folley (a damsel in distress), Art Hsu (the wacky sidekick) and Nick Principe (the mentor).  These folks all bring a little bit more than archetypes to their roles and it couldn’t have been easy; it’s all played so straight!

Brandon and Jason Trost’s directing do a really nice job of keeping everything together, from the tone of the performances to the movie’s look.  The camera work and lighting are especially well done and they made great use of the sun.  There’s lighting by God (as it’s called), and then there’s what they did on The FP; so many shots use natural locations and the sun being in the perfect place to make it work, and it looks great.  I also love the production design and costumes (JTRO’s belt!  I want that!) – these two visual elements combine with the actor’s performances to create a world where people play Dance Dance Revolution for KEEPS.  The immersive soundtrack also lends itself to this – even the title design is great – it’s so 80s!


So what I’m really trying to say is this movie is great, you should definitely check it out and I want everyone to start calling me JTRO!  If you need a more extreme brand of convincing, here’s the red band trailer (NSFW).

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