Misery quick movie review

(FYI: the trailer gives away too much!)

If someone ever asks you, “What was the last Hitchcock movie?” just say Misery.  I can’t give this flick any higher praise than that – but I guess I’ll try.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of the Misery story is that director Rob Reiner worked hard to dial Stephen King’s insanity back and the fact that no one wanted to play the male lead role that eventually went to James Caan.  William Hurt, Kevin Kline, Michael Douglas, Harrison Ford, Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Richard Dreyfuss, Gene Hackman, Robert Redford all told the producers to go screw. Warren Beatty was interested but got tied up with Dick Tracy post production.  That’s crazy, right?  Misery is a near perfect movie, but if you heard Meathead from All in the Family was directing an adaptation of a Stephen King novel and you didn’t see Stand By Me and you thought, “No thanks,” I guess I can’t be too hard on you, but… wow.  Not that it killed any of these guy’s careers.

Obviously, James Caan is amazing in the flick, but the trio wouldn’t be complete without Kathy Bates being fantastic and Rob Reiner transforming King’s gore into a Hitchcock-ian masterpiece.  If you want to see a real suspense film in the tradition of the master, check this flick out.  (We rented it on Amazon.)

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