Bojack Horseman season 1 review

Bojack Horseman is the Netflix original that stole our hearts this weekend.  Season 1 (2014) is full of every ingredient you need to make a delicious comedy cotten candy treat that’s so good you eat it till you barf.  Here’s why. 

The greatness that is Bojack Horseman comes largely from the story; the comedy and drama are organic parts of what’s happening.  Sure, there are quick visuals that are just for giggles, but at its core, the show has something to say and it’s something worth hearing.  Therefore, we’re treated to quality characters, visuals, story acts and quick gags.

One of Bojack Horseman’s biggest strengths is its ability to surprise you.  Who would have thought Vincent Adultman would be a recurring character… and then make that speech at the party?  Didn’t see that coming – probably because I’d stopped thinking about him because Bojack’s story had become so engaging.

Just when you thought you understood a show and its characters, you get a scene like this.  This show – THIS SHOW – the one that stars a talking horse – this is compelling drama.  You forget you’re listening to a talking horse.  It’s not exactly Mr. Ed.

There are plenty of visuals and quick gags to simply enjoy for what they are.  I particularly like whenever we get to see one of the animal people do something their “our world” animal counterpart would do, like a woodpecker taking a drink of coffee and then pecking the table.  There’s a million gags like this and if I sit here and list my favorites, we’re going to be here all day.

But it’d be a great place to be!

Wow, the Secretariat story… it’s amazing.  It’s so powerful that for the briefest of moments, we were like, “Wow, I didn’t know that’s what happened to Secretariat,” and then you go, “Oh yeah.  It’s just a show.”

But to be clear, it’s not just a show.

The thing about Bojack Horseman is its sincerity.  That’s why you connect with the characters and become enthralled with the stories.  It’s true.  You can hear the realism in the voice actor’s performance and see it in the animation.  These are characters you can behind – warts and all.

Check out Bojack Horseman streaming on Netflix.  We’re going to start Season 2 ASAP.

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