REMINDER: Animaniacs was amazing

In case you’ve forgotten or never knew, Animaniacs was one of the best cartoon comedies of the 1990s if not of all time.  That show was so well written and appealed to both adults and children all at once with such brilliance that I can pick a bunch of clips from different episodes and have some of them loosely tie together.  Such was the magic of that show. 

“To yield is to allow oncoming traffic the right of way.”  Everyone one of these exchanges between Yacko and Dot are amazballs.

And then there was stuff like this, that was there for the adults.

See, there’s a thing happening here with death, the devil, the afterlife… and Prince.  Obviously.  Prince.

Look, we were all really tired of Prince by then – he kept telling us we couldn’t call him Prince but his name was a symbol which had no verbal translation, so they started calling him, “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” and then just “Artist” because it’s faster and once we finally got used to that, he went back to Prince – and nobody really cared about Prince when all this was happening anyway.

Animaniacs was the sort of show that commented on the important issues like, life, death – and Prince.

But it wasn’t all fun and games – they would teach us things, too.

Kids still the Animaniacs songs to memorize state capitals, presidents, countries and so on… because the writers realized they got two checks when they wrote a song.  (True story.)

If you’re not familiar with Animaniacs, check it out – especially if you eat beans and like George Wendt.

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