Observations in Pictures 8/11/15


Beyond this Question Mark Cloud looking photo (which always reminds me of this), this post could alternatively be titled, “Merchants sell the darndest things,” because that’s what we’ve really got going.  (Also, if you can’t see the cloud int he question mark… I hear ya.  I might be stretching my visual interpretation a bit…)  Anyway, the comedy is coming, I swear!


I don’t know what it is about this box, but I find this very funny.  I guess it’s the lady’s silhouette and I read it as she’s mating with the tea rather than it’s a companion to her diet.   Probably because this was posted on the same shelf as this:


I’m calling this “Romance Novel Tea.”  24 tea bags?  Your Goddamn Right.


Look, I like guns – there are few things in life as satisfying as shooting a glass bottle with a gun.  It’s magical.  But this…  this is the last thing I expected to see on the CVS magazine rack.


I took this photo at a Best Buy.  Two. Weeks. Ago.

Moving on…


I hung out with some buddies and they drank all the beer while we listened to tunes and I drank bourbon.  Their rate of consumption was inspiring!  I had two beers last night myself.

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