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Last Band Banned is the most recent effort from Rattrap Bumpkin, a New York based self-described pirate rock band.  When you listen to these tunes, you don’t know whether you should hug your sweetheart, punch a jerk or drink hard alcohol alone by candlelight – any or all seem appropriate. 

This EP is music for any occasion; you can dance to it, drive to it, run to it, listen to it while lounging around the house…  OK, here’s an actual example:

As the 5 minute mark approaches during “Boat Song,” the vibe changes – They were doing something almost reminiscent of The Doors, but then it seamlessly transitions into a metal song… and back again. It’s genius in its simplicity.  Then in “Tambourine,” the intro is reminiscent of John Williams’ Jaws theme – didn’t see that coming!  (But the previous song is called “Boat Song,” so maybe I should have…)

The entire EP features howling vocals by Michael Benedetto, fast and furious bass (especially on “Elements”) by Bryan Fraser and standout drumming by Chris Stanis (that dude drops some subtly complicated shiz on these tracks).  It’s one of the fastest twenty-five minutes you’ll ever experience – listen here.

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