We Accidently Went to a Bernie Sanders Rally

Bernie Sanders Rally 3

This is my surprised face – or, watch me #feelthebern.

Dr. MyFiancee and I were downtown, chilling before the Toad the Wet Sprocket show started, wandered into a bar and BOOM!  Political rally.   Didn’t see that coming. 

Bernie Sanders Rally

From what I know of the man, I like Bernie Sanders:  I like his politics and he seems like a good man who genuinely cares.  He says all the right things, but I live in New Jersey, which means things are always decided by the time my primary comes around and as of right now, Hillary Clinton is handing Bernie his ass in the polls at a ratio that would make even Donald Trump blush.  (Speaking of polls… Republicans… sheesh.  I know beggars can’t be choosers, but Trump?  Seriously?)  Maybe time will boost Sanders into a competitive stance, but for now, the best he can say is he’s at least ahead of Joe Biden… who’s not running.

Bernie Sanders Rally 2

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