The Visit and JOY (Baffling Movie Trailers)

For good or ill, movie trailers can be baffling.  Today, we have an example of both!  Also on today’s installment of Baffling Movie Trailers – a gif that sums up my general reaction to seeing a film is in any way associated with M. Night Shyamalan. 


I didn’t want to be too gross – you get the idea.

Essentially, our old friend M. Night is continuing his getting back to simpler stories post The Last Airbender and After Earth disasters, but really, this is just going to amount to another poorly executed twist followed by an unsatisfying conclusion that will leave us all doing this:


“We need to stop going to his movies.”

On the complete other end of the spectrum, there’s JOY.  Here’s how our conversation about this trailer would go:

YOU:  Did you see the trailer for Jennifer Lawrence’s new jam, JOY?

ME:  Yes!  I am pumped to see it!

YOU:  Nice.  How come?

ME:  I have no idea!

YOU:  Huh.  So what’s the movie about?

ME:  I dont’ have the faintest clue!

YOU:  …

ME:  Yep… that’s what we’re dealing with.

I mean, there are vague things in the trailer:  young girl copes with childhood tragedy, gets married, has a baby, becomes a criminal, hides things under her floorboards, goes to prison… not necessarily in that order.  The difference here is David O. Russell;  the guy makes compelling movies with interesting characters and it shows in even this sort of frantic ADD styled trailer.

Two film makers with consistent track records producing opposite results… you can smell it all over the trailers without seeing the movie.  You know one will get Oscar buzz and the other will hope to hang around in theaters long enough to benefit from the Halloween crowd.

In case it’s not clear, I’m probably going to skip The Visit.

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