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Marvel’s Ant-Man is the latest installment (by my count, this is the 11th movie in the franchise) in their Cinematic Universe and is currently soaking up all of the box office money.  Isn’t it amazing that Marvel has just released a movie starring one of its lesser known protagonists and yet it’s still debatable whether or not DC Comics can even get their franchise off the ground?  I digress… frankly, Ant-Man is business as usual (more than usual, actually), but that doesn’t mean it’s not good fun. 

If you stand waaaaay back and look at it, Ant-Man is very similar to the first Iron Man movie.  Check it out:

  • A scientific genius builds a powerful suit
  • His business partner wants the suit’s secrets to exploit on the open market and to make backdoor deals with bad guys
  • The genius refuses and the partner builds his own suit
  • The two suits face off at the end and the good guy wins

Those are broad strokes, certainly, but that doesn’t make it any less true.  Or less enjoyable for that matter.

Visually, Ant-Man has some new stuff to offer and I think they’ve only touched the top of the iceberg of fun that can be had with the premise of being small and controlling ants, so hopefully, they’ll develop that a bit more going forward.  It was a mistake to put the climatic fight in the trailer, but a lot of movies do that.

Thematically… it’s fair to say this is another day at the office for Marvel, but it’s not a bad day.  For a two-hour movie, I felt that it moved quickly and while a 90 minute version of this flick might have been tighter, this one was paced well enough.  (Good pacing makes up for a multitude of sins; for example, the Ant-Man helmet protects the wearer from… I dunno, shrinking stress and whatnot, which the bad guy reputedly suffers from, but you never see him shrink till the finale… there’s a bit of a logic conflict here, but the movie moves so well you hardly notice.)

Anyway, if you like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’ll dig this movie; if not, Paul Rudd is not going to convert you the way Guardians of the Galaxy may have.  If you’re choosing between this and Jurassic World, I’d say go with the shrinking funny man over the military dinosaurs.  I’m giving Ant-Man a 7 out of 10 – its solid entertainment, but probably not much more.

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