Official Response to Donald Trump’s Presidential Run


I really thought Donald Trump was just wandering around (pre announcement) to make sure we hadn’t forgotten about him in an effort to drum up promotion for the next season of The Apprentice, but no – he’s actually trying to win the Republican nomination for president.   He’s actually polling well, but you should keep in mind that Trump is polling well with people who will respond to a poll a good six or so months before the first actual vote in a primary race, meaning these folks probably have a lot of spare time and/or are at least a little crazy.  As the summer goes on, I think you’ll see the energized electorate go from referring to Trump as “someone who tells it like it is” to the more familiar “New York loudmouth,” particularly as his disgusting comments about Mexican immigrants and Senator John McCain (I don’t exactly love the guy, but come on, his captors fed him rocks, for Christ sakes) get taken apart in the first Republican Presidential Debate (which I imagine that will 10 participants will quickly descend into a Royal Rumble).

But more to the point, I just don’t believe that Republicans are going to pick a candidate that took exemptions to avoid the draft, was married three times and just doesn’t speak very well when it comes time to cast their vote.

So obviously, they’ll pick Jeb Bush instead.

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