Pop Quiz Hot Shot: Bat Nipples tv review


Doug Walker (AKA the Nostalgia Critic) hosts the second episode of Channel Awesome’s new game show, Pop Quiz Hot Shot – and it’s not awesome.  Here’s the deal. 

The first round Double Dare-ish game didn’t work
Doug’s banter was fine and it did somewhat engage me as a viewer, but the game itself was photographed in such a way that I couldn’t tell who was winning, so I didn’t have a reason to care about what was happening.  I could barely see what they were supposed to be doing (Grabbing and bringing the bat zipples back to… somewhere?), which was the main problem, but this segment could use a ticking clock on the screen and a buzzer so it wraps up faster.

It feels like the audience members are the ones that have been kidnapped
I don’t know who the got in the audience, but this is the sort of show that desperately needs energy from the crowd.  If Doug didn’t warm them up… well, that was a big mistake.  They need to be laughing, clapping and cheering the whole time, but the place felt like a graveyard.  Or Doug needs to make the contestants laugh loudly and boisterously.  A lot.

Random Thoughts

  • The contestants are counted on for comedy and that’s too much to ask unless you’re bringing in people you genuinely know are funny.
  • The Nostalgia Critic is not funny enough to carry the show, but then, I don’t know if Johnny Carson could carry this format.
  • General Disarray or whoever is kinda worthless until the last round.  If he’s not going to do anything, he doesn’t need to stand between the contestants; they should cut to him occasionally… I think an announcer-ish role could work.
  • Apparently, this show is crowdfunded – they raised $89k for this and two other shows that I guess aren’t in production yet?  I know studio space isn’t free, but you gotta wonder where all that money went.  You have to pay taxes on that shiz if you don’t spend it the same year you raise it, but jeez.
  • What were the prizes again?  Did the guy who beat Doug win something or no? Pretty sure Doug said there were prizes…  They could be joke prizes, like Doug’s old toys, or the silly Certificate of Awesome from Table Top.  (By the way, that’s the perfect model for a low budget talk/game show.)

The bottom line is that Pop Quiz Hot Shot is not especially funny nor is the game play particularly engrossing and it needs to be at least one of the two if it’s not going to be both.. Perhaps if they went to a more visual Remote Control styled format that featured multiple choice answers the audience can see, pop-in characters that do something (as opposed to General WhateverHisNameIs, who does nothing) and a greater overall emphasis on visuals (show the audience, wide shot of the stage), the show could be retooled into something watchable.  Or is there no audience and that’s just a few members of the crew laughing?  That’s a problem.  This show needs an audience.  Offer them all a complimentary can of Hot Shot Ale, which could just be a can of a store’s house brand root beer with a sticker on it…  Just try something!

Oh right, his name was General Anesthetic.  It’s a pun.  I get it.


That’s this show’s problem in a nutshell right there.

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