Advertisements seen around town



If you can see things when your car is not moving, imagine what pops up when you actually drive around!  

This free-standing, human sized Halloween decoration is, at the tail end of Spring, demanding you get a tattoo, a piercing, or both.  I just didn’t see that coming.


Meanwhile, I can’t for the life for me figure out why this sign exclaims, “We have NFL and MLB Packages on 16 TV’s!”  Why is “Have” capitalized, but not “and” or “on?”  Is that some sort of title rule I don’t remember from my Grammar and Style course back in my college days?  And why does TV have an apostrophe after it?  Shouldn’t it just be “TVs?”  Check out apostrophe rules here…  because I know you’re all hungry for an intense grammar debate.  Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure “and” is supposed to be capitalized because it’s a conjunction while “on” is a preposition and those bad boys are just about the only thing that don’t get capitalized in a title.  (Title rules can be found here.)



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