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Spy is the new joint from director Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy, so don’t let the terrible trailer fool you; it’s just as funny as their previous collaborations

McCarthy is firing on all cylinders (like always) in this flick; her character gives her the opportunity to shows so many sides to one believable person (so the writing deserves a nod, too) in a way that you just don’t see in many movies, never mind action comedies.  She dominates the movie from start to finish – it’s great.


Speaking of performance, this movie has an amazing supporting cast:  Jason Statham as comic relief (“Where’d you get that suit?” “I made it, didn’t I?”); Rose Byrne is back to a Bridesmaids-esque roll in that she’s mean, but it’s so out there and in your face that it’s a totally different kind of mean; Jude Law as the James Bond character and Allison Janney as “The Chief.”  OK, they don’t call her that, but that’s who she’s playing – you know what I’m saying.  They’re all great – I’ll stop  blathering.

In many ways, this movie is director Paul Feig’s James Bond reel; he is clearly interested in making that or another serious spy movie, and between the opening scene and the kitchen fight sequence (not to mention the many, many chases featured throughout the flick), I think he’s more than convinced Hollywood he’s ready.

That being said, this movie is crammed with a bit too much action for a movie that finds most of its comedy in dialogue rather than visual gags, which is probably why we end up with the bloated two-hour running time.  The movie is never boring, but I did get a bit tired of watching people chase each other and/or run, but it all works even if it does get repetitive.

Spy is exactly what you hope for when you go to the movies to see an action comedy; it’s funny yet satisfying.  I wouldn’t say it’s a perfect movie, but they sure did get close.  I’m giving it an 8.7 out of 10.

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