Veep: it’s like West Wing, but with 10 times the dicks

I’m just getting up to speed on Veep, a four season comedy on HBO.  I have a few episodes left to catch up on, but I don’t have any trouble saying that this one will live on in my heart long after it’s over. I just have one issue with the show…

I tend to view Veep through its characters rather than via the plot; sure, the plot is interesting and it moves the character stories forward, but I don’t get as caught up in “who’s going to win the election” as I do with “what’s going to happen to that character?”  This is mostly because the plot is fairly predictable, but that doesn’t hamper my enjoyment of the show.

My problem with the show is its lack of likeable characters.  It’s a difficult balance to strike  with this sort of angry comedy populated by characters who do despicable things (it’s done perfectly on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia).  There’s not a lot to root for…

Julia Louis-Dreyfus as President (previously Vice President) Selina Meyer
This one works – who doesn’t love Julia Louis-Dreyfus?  This show makes me want to delve into her entire catalog because as far as I can tell, everything she does is perfect.  (“Yada yada yada, I won an Emmy for Veep,” is how I imagine it.

Anna Chlumsky as Amy Brookheimer
I didn’t see this coming – my verbatim reaction was, “My Girl’s on this show?”  And she kills it.  Who knew?  But I don’t exactly love her character, I just kinda like her.  Don’t hate her, don’t want bad things to happen to her character, just kinda meh about it.

Tony Hale as Gary Walsh
This might be Tony Hale fatigue talking, but I hate Gary.  I’m tired of Hale and his shtick, I’m tired of the way they write Gary and I wish Selina would just fire him for gross incompetence despite the fact that he could write a tell all that would ruin her because I just wish he wasn’t on the show anymore.  I just don’t believe this character – he’s too fake for me.

Reid Scott as Dan Egan
I like Dan, but you can’t really root for him.  He does have conviction and he is consistent, but you don’t exactly want him to succeed at everything he does… I didn’t care for Dan getting fired; I thought he played an important dynamic on the show.

Timothy Simons as Jonah Ryan
Jonah is fun to watch in the respect that he’s a punching bag that deserves to get punched, but again, not a character you root for.  Simons is good in the role and they write funny stuff for him (and at him, if you will), but again, nobody loves Jonah.

Matt Walsh as Mike McLintock
Mike is another character that’s too stupid to exist in this universe.  I just don’t believe his character and I can’t wait for Mike to get fired for being grossly incompetent.

Sufe Bradshaw as Sue Wilson
I love Sue, but they don’t give her much to do, so there’s nothing at stake.  She’s smart, strong and quick, but you can’t root for someone who’s not playing.

Kevin Dunn as Ben Cafferty
I love me some Ben.  This character is so awesome; they write him awesome one liners and Dunn knocks them out of the park.



Gary Cole as Kent Davison
Kent… I’ve kinda come around on Kent.  I like the dynamic between him and Sue… I guess one can root for Kent and Sue…  I guess.  He’s too old for her – also, that plot thread came out of nowhere.

Sam Richardson as Richard T. Splett
This is another one of those characters that’s too stupid to exist.

Nevertheless, Veep is a fantastic show full of fantastic comedy and great performances.  If you have the means, I highly recommend checking it out.

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