3 Reasons the American South Needs to Leave the Confederate Battle Flag in the Past


The Confederate Battle Flag in Columbia, South Carolina.

Recent events have brought forth the occasionally debated Confederate flag discussion, but this time, it looks like we may finally have a chance to be rid of this shameful symbol of hate, bigotry and treason.  Here are 3 general reasons no state should fly the Confederate Battle Flag. 

It’s a flag of treason
The United States of America is not a basketball game – you can’t get mad, go home and take your ball with you.  They didn’t like the way the game was played, so they went home and played their own game – and they lost.  It’s done – you lost the war.  No more flying the battle flag!  And that goes for state flags, too:

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee all fly state flags that look like either “The Stars and Bars,” “The Stainless Banner” or “The Blood-Stained Banner” or some combination of these flags (see below) and the Battle Flag.

usa-state-flags-look-like-confederacyDon’t give me that, “We need to preserve our heritage” crap.  The Civil War is over, the 13th Amendment stands (not to mention the Civil Rights Act, which is very, “No, for real, you can’t ignore the constitution”), fall in line and be loyal to your country instead of flying treasonous BS over your state capitals!


You can’t walk back slavery
When you fly the Confederacy’s battle flag, that’s what you’re doing – trying to turn that into something heroic, something to be proud of, and, just in case it’s not clear: THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF. It’s so bad I won’t even try to find a way to end that sentence without using a preposition.

Don’t tell me you need to fly the Battle Flag (or any of these BS flags) because of your Southern Pride and your Proud Heritage.  That’s BS!

It’s not even the actual flag of the Confederate States of America
The flag that South Carolina flies and I see all over the place (ugh, bumper stickers) isn’t even the actual flag of the Confederate States of America; they have three and this is none of them.  Here are the three national flags:


From top to bottom: “The Stars and Bars, ” “The Stainless Banner,” and “The Blood-Stained Banner.”

See, the problem was, “the Stars and Bars” literally wasn’t white enough (because racism; seriously), so they went to new designs.  The flag that we see everywhere is actually the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, and it’s super popular for… reasons I’m not aware.

It’s time to pull the Confederate flags in all their shapes and forms.  Even Senator Lindsey Graham (the Republican presidential candidate from South Carolina who wants to drone everything) has called for removing the Battle Flag from his state’s capital.

“I am urging that the Confederate battle flag be removed from State House grounds to an appropriate location,” he said in a statement. “I hope that, by removing the flag, we can take another step towards healing and recognition – and a sign that South Carolina is moving forward.”

Even Graham almost gets it. (To be clear, this is the guy who said, “Free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war.”) Sure, he doesn’t understand the appropriate place for traitorous symbols is hellfire, but if even this knucklehead realizes the Battle Flag (the most recognizable symbol of American Slavery) probably shouldn’t be flying in front of one our state capitals, it’s time for everyone to get together and get it done.

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