This weekend in pictures (and video)


Bowling, shopping, video games, coffee…  I’ve got it all in this weekend in pictures.   PREPARE TO BE ASTOUNDED!

Dr. MyFiancee and I went bowling on Saturday at my insistence.  We rented a lane for two hours and completed six games and made our way through most of a seventh.  125 was the best I could do… not exactly inspiring.  But this was my second time bowling after not having braved an alley for many years, so I guess it’s coming back slowly – not that I was ever that good to begin with, it’s just frustrating when you keep missing the head pin.  I blame the oil pattern.

In this particular game… yeah, I just didn’t have it.  I did pick up one split spare, so that was nice, and I rallied at the end to throw my only two strikes of the game, but yeah – 3 spares.  Nothing to write home about here.

I was starting to think I’d picked the wrong video game console in Wii U when I was doing some online searches for games, but a recent trip the video game store pretty much confirmed my suspicion.  Just try to find the Wii U section in the video above – try it!  It’s all the way in the back corner, but good luck spotting it.  I’d first become concerned when I couldn’t find a proper baseball game for Wii U, but it turns out that MLB The Show for PS4 is THE ONLY NEXT GEN BASEBALL GAME.  As in, 2015 baseball is exclusive to Playstation, because f@ck everybody who doesn’t have a Playstation 4, the means to own more than one console… or the patience.



I should get some sort of shopping award; I got two clothing items from Banana Republic and it didn’t cost me a hundred beans.  That’s some kind of miracle, no?  I also bought two graphic tees at hot topic because apparently, it’s not the 1990s anymore and they don’t just sell goth BS anymore but instead, devote at least fifty percent of their retail space to catering to my specific graphic t-shirt needs.  For example, I picked up two NES themed shirts:



Why would teenagers want these shirts?  I know the 1980s are kinda the rage right now, but isn’t this kinda obscure for a high schooler?  I don’t mind reaping the benefits, it’s just weird.  Also, the music was all

when I was in there.  Weird…  I guess Hot Topic is just weird in a totally different way now… or, it’s doubly ironic that their anti conformist roots started at the mall and have now arrived at selling mostly corporate products rather than band t-shirts.  (Bands that were backed by giants corporations, but…  whatever.  Also, their band t-shirt selection was weird, too – who the hell wants a Blink 182 t-shirt?  No one wanted that back then…)

All that shopping really beat us up, so we had some coffee when we got home.  In an effort to stay on theme, I broke out the zelda mug:


It’s not an official product, but whatever.  The heart turns red when it’s hot and it’s all pixel art-ish, and that’s more than good enough for me.

OK, that’s enough minutia for one day.


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