5 Things We Learned From Season 5 of Game of Thrones that tell us who will die in Season 6 (and other thoughts)

Like the show itself, my reactions to Season 5 and predictions for Season 6 are something of a mess.  Game of Thrones has used the last 10 episodes to set the stage of its darkest hour, but it has also inadvertently made some audience members swear off the show following the rape of Sansa Stark and the burning alive of little Shireen Baratheon.  Still, the show moves forward, so here are 5 Things We Learned From Season 5 of Game of Thrones that tell us who will die in Season 6 as well as some other thoughts. 

Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish is Senator Palpatine
Like the emperor from Star Wars, Petyr is fanning the flames of war and getting his enemies to wipe each other out in the process – in effect, he is killing every one of stature until he’s the only powerful person left standing in Westeros.  A brilliant but crazy strategy that is causing chaos throughout the seven kingdoms.

House Lannister’s days are numbered
With Tyrion a world away and their father dead, political street smarts and strategizing is a thing of the past for house Lannister.  Also, their numbers are dwindling with Myrcella either dead or very sick from poison.  Next season, we’ll see a civil war between the Red Keep and the Religious Right, which will destroy the Lannisters from within King’s Landing while House Martell of Dorne attacks from the outside after Ellaria kills Doran and seizes control of House Martell.


Cersei will die in season 6 (and probably the rest of her family, too)
Cersei has managed to piss off just about everybody on the show, but especially the religious right, House Tyrell and House Martell.  House Martell’s slights might be imagined, but those Sand Snake ladies are serious people and they’ve already made up their minds.  Only the Martells could save the Lannisters, but Cersei has beyond alienated them with the imprisonment of Margaery and her brother.  The Sparrows and Tyrells are coming for Cersei, the Snakes are coming for them all with Jaime and Tommen caught in the middle.  House Tyrell will ultimately be the benefactor as Margaery assumes the Iron Throne after they’re all out-of-the-way.

Everyone left at Castle Black is DEAD, they just don’t know it yet
Now that Jon Snow is gone, there’s not only no one with a clear head in charge of anything anymore, but there’s also no character there left to root for.  With almost no fighting force and an army of wildlings that will probably keep heading south, The Wall will be easy pickings for the gigantic Army of the Dead.  Even if the Wildlings do fight alongside the Knight’s Watch, they still won’t survive:  in a narrative, you don’t kill a hero like Jon Snow and get away with it.

Once they started foreshadowing Jon’s death with that Olly kid, I completely lost interest in everything happening at Castle Black.  I’ll be GLAD when these characters are dead!

Jorah will sacrifice himself rather than become a stoneman
This is just a feeling – he’ll die for Daenerys in some heroic way.  It’s all he has left.

Sigh. Looks like we found more people for Daenerys Targaryen to win over.
Aren’t you tired of watching people fall in love with Daenerys?  I mean, I get it, she’s great, but enough already.

Ramsay Snow/Bolton will be killed by Brienne of Tarth
Brienne will hook up with Sansa and Theon and now that she’s killed Stannis Baratheon, she’s got more oaths to keep – Oathkeeper like a MF!

I have officially lost all interest in Arya Stark and the Faceless Men
This storyline has been tedious all season long.  As much as I love Arya, I am completely sick of this story and her extremely boring and time-consuming quest for vengeance.  So she’s blind now?  Great.  Call me when she does whatever stupid thing will earn her vision back… or not.  Or just kill her.  I don’t care anymore.  I thought this whole House of Black and White thing would train her to be a badass Batman-esque character whose parents died unjust deaths and so she’d slowly grow into a woman on a quest for righteous vengeance and, paired with her magic brother, will form an awesome superhero team, but for now… whatever.


Started so cool and quickly became so long. Hopefully, “scrub the floor” is similar to “paint the fence.”

So this was kinda the worst season ever
Or at the very least, the least satisfying.  If the rape and child murder made you give up on the show, I don’t blame you.  If you loved Jon Snow and you can’t bare to go on without him, I feel ya.  Until the Olly thing started, I thought he’d ultimately end up marrying Daenerys, but here we are.  I’ll stick with them to see where this is going, but they sure are making it tough – there’s just not a lot of characters left to root for.

Official List of Predicted Deaths in Season 6
Doran Martell, House Martell
Cersei Lannister, House Lannister
Tommen Lannister, House Lannister
Jaime Lannister, House Lannister
Sir Jorah
Ramsay Snow/Bolton

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