How to make an Emergency Paper Bowl 1.0, dry edition



It’s the how to guide you didn’t know you needed until you did:  how to make a paper bowl out of a paper plate that can only hold dry goods. 


rubber band not shown

The first thing to do when tackling any project is to assemble your materials.  In this case, get a paper plate, a pair of scissors (Why is one set of scissors a pair?  Oh English language, I heart you.), a stapler and a rubber band.


Cut four slits in the plate as shown – don’t go too far into the center or else the bottom of the bowel with be compromised.

how-to-paper-bowl3Fold the edges end over end to form the bowl and staple them together.  Your plate might be too thick for the staples…

how-to-paper-bowl5In which case a rubber band will be your best bet rather than an extra support.

I hope this has been as helpful as it was entertaining…  yeah.  Both of those.



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