MOVIE TRAILER MANIA! Return to Sender, Barely Lethal, Trainwreck, Accidental Love, Youth

Today’s movie trailer mania has some melodrama, comedy, legitimate film.   Let’s have at it!

Return to Sender
Our fist movie of the day is the weirdest revenge fantasy movie ever. seriously. Rape is not a good topic for a revenge fantasy… right?  I just don’t think you want to make this kind of manipulative melodrama about rape.

Barely Lethal
You see what they did there with that title?  Instead of “Barely Legal!”  They turned it on its head a lil bit, because for a second, it sounds like pornography featuring 18-year-old women, but instead, it’s a fish out of water story!  That… yeah!  That’s an OK thing to do.  Yeah…
I’d of loved to have been in the room when they were doing pitches for this movie:  “She’s been trained as an assassin since she was a little girl and longs for the simple life as a teenage girl, but she’s about to find out that high school might be more than she can handle.  When the secret agency she works for wants her back, all of the new people in her life are going to find out that she’s Barely Lethal… except she’s extremely lethal… because she’s been trained to kill for over a decade, so…  rrr.. what was I saying?”
Also, there’s a youtube name drop in the TRAILER – if there’s product placement in the trailer, then you know the rest of the movie is going to be awash with it.

This looks like a funny version of What’s Your Number?, so I’m into it.  The movie does look very, “but she’s about to meet the one guy who changes everything,” so no surprises, but hey, Bill Hader and Amy Schumer? Sign me up. you don’t need surprises in your movie if you’ve got A+ talent.

Accidental Love
This movie looks weird enough to be funny. I’m down to see this flick! It kinda smells like a fish out of water story, but there might be more here… or, we might end up with a manic pixie dream girl who shakes everything up… but the nail in the head is not a plot device I’m familiar with, so I’m ready to give it a go.

Wow, this looks like a proper movie starring actors and including a story and characters! In the recent rash of movies about British people getting old (Marigold Hotel, Quartet), this is the one I’ve anticipated the most.

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