Our Week in Pictures


Guess what time it is?  The following answers are acceptable:

  1. Time to see the UNBELIEVABLE shenanigans two domestic thirtysomethings got up to this week in brilliant color photographs as captured by my phone
  2. German Thyme


This weird pirate toy sword is officially the weirdest thing I’ve found on the front lawn.  Suburbia, am I right?


I’d like to congratulate Whole Foods for stocking Sesame Kaiser Rolls that include not only vegan sugar (Whatever that is… because… I mean, sugar is just sugar, no?), but eggs.  Well done there.


Here is a picture of a bug’s ass as seen from my side of the window.  So… yeah, bug ass.


Finally, let’s all thank this generation of hooligans for modifying the wooden letters in Target’s craft aisle to spell out a four letter word.  Since I am something of a folk hero, I changed it to “muck” as to spare the children’s eyes.



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