MOVIE TRAILER MANIA! Point Break (remake), The Intern, Unexpected, Irrational Man

So many movies come out every year and I gotta be honest with ya; most of em look like the tightly coiled piles my dogs leave on the lawn.  Here’s my take on four new movie trailers. 

Point Break
“To catch them… he must become them…” although, he did just say that he was already like them… so… f@ck! What are we going go to do for 2 hours? oh right, jump off shiz and drink Mountain Dew to the EXTREME! BUSTED!

There just isn’t any reason to use these character names from the original Point Break except to try to manipulate people who are around my age to get their butts in seats.  I don’t see it happening.

The Intern
I’m pretty sure Robert De Niro will teach Anne Hathaway a special lesson by the end of this film.  Bor-ring!

It looks like this movie has something legitimate to say but I predict the movie will include no surprises – so the title is ironic!

Irrational Man
This… this looks pretty good. I can’t remember the last time I was actually looking forward to a Woody Allen movie, but this premise is sound and this cast is what the kids call tiz-ight.

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