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In the 1980s, it wasn’t enough that your movie was an adventure.  You had to give the audience more than that; you had to have a fresh take, even if you reused old ideas.  So, your Frankenstein/sci-fi story also had to be a comedy… and a road movie… and have a romantic subplot… and challenge the very notion of what it means to be alive.  You get all this and more in a movie that includes a scene where a robot and Ally Sheedy have weird sexual chemistry while dancing to a scene from Saturday Night Fever playing on a television.  I give you Short Circuit! 

The 1980s, man – it was a different time.


See, it’s not just me that remembers this scene – they put it on the freaking back cover of the DVD!

As a kid, I loved this movie, and for the most part, it still holds up today.  Sure, it gets a little silly here and there, and you could argue that the tone wavers around a bit, but that’s the 80s for ya.  You’ve got to go from comedy to action because back then, studios used to respect the audience.  If a movie was too simplistic, there was a culture of “People are too smart for this, they won’t believe it,” so you get a movie like Short Circuit that tries to do just about everything you can in a flick.

Ally Sheedy stars alongside Steve Guttenberg, Fisher Stevens (RACIST 80s STEREOTYPE CHARACTER ALERT), Austin Pendleton and G.W. Bailey, so when it comes to the cast, it doesn’t get much more classic 80s than this.  I mean hell, you’ve got two cast members from the Police Academy series in the damn movie!

You don’t have to take my word for it – check it yourself.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Short Circuit is a borderline lost 80s comedy classic that’s worthy of your attention.  Give it a look – they don’t make ’em like this anymore.

PS:  In 2013, there was talk that there was going to be remake due out this year, but I haven’t heard anything since then.

PPS:  John MacDonald Badham also directed Saturday Night Fever (1977 – briefly featured in this movie) and War Games (1983 – Ally Sheedy co-starred).

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