There she blows! It’s my recycling garbage all over the neighborhood!


When I went outside this morning and found this recycling mess, for some reason, all I could think of was Willem Dafoe’s death in Platoon

Weird, huh?  I think what my brain is saying is, “That soundtrack has multiple applications” rather than “Dead bodies strewn about is the same as the wind knocking over my garbage can.”

This PSA from the 1970s (before my time) is probably a more apt reference.

Iron Eyes Cody (AKA Espera Oscar de Corti) was an Italian actor who often played Native Americans in Hollywood films, but the point is well made.  I also find myself wondering about the guy who threw the bag out the window… what the hell was he doing, working on a Castle Pack while he was driving?  That was a big bag, no?  Also, if you eat that much White Castle, you’re gonna need that bag.

And soon.

TODAY’S POST IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY DISCONNECT.  When your post brings together a bunch of things that don’t have any logical association (recycling, White Castle, Platoon, the title is a reference to a line in Moby Dick),  that’s a disconnect.


A visual representation of this post.

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