Movie Trailers: When Voice Over Goes Wrong (Aloha movie trailer)

There are lots of ways to market movies: you got your print media in the form of billboards, wrapped buses, posters and whatnot, but for me, it’s all about the trailer.  This is an art form unto itself, and it’s not easy.  Here, we have two different movie trailers for Bradley Cooper’s new jam, Aloha.  The thirty second spot features voice over while the two-minute plus version does not, and it makes a world of difference. 

I presume that by now, you’ve watched the 30 second spot.  This movie looks terrible, right?  Bradley Cooper goes to Hawaii in a last-ditch effort to resurrect his career but there’s his ex girlfriend, Emma Stone and UH OH!  Things just got complicated!

What I’m saying is, this movie looks terrible.  Right?  I don’t want to see this romantic comedy set in an exotic locale because I’ll bet you a million dollars that Bradley Cooper ends up with Emma Stone at the end, there’ll be zero surprises and we’ll all learn an important lesson blah blah blah.

F@ck this movie.

Oh wait, let’s take a look at the long trailer…

Oh wait, Rachel McAdams is the ex girlfriend and… huh.  These characters seem to have some depth; the story seems kinda complicated.  And look, there’s a nice supporting cast with John Krasinski, Bill Murray, Alec Baldwin… wow, some simple title cards make all the difference!

Sure, maybe it’s not fair to compare thirty seconds to two minutes, but you gotta admit, the voice over makes this movie look dumb, but after seeing a serious, two-minute trailer, this movie looks like it has something to say about life using complex characters…

But Bradley Cooper probably ends up with Emma Stone at the end of the movie… probably.  Now, some doubt has crept into my mind.  Good job, longer trailer with title cards!  I am now willing to see this movie!

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  1. Also, they’re PRETENDING they’re in Hawaii in those interior shots because they’re drinking Kona Brewing Company beer out of BOTTLES, but that beer is only available on tap on the Hawaiian Islands. It’s bottled on the mainland by a third party because KBC is all about their carbon footprint on the island, hence the lack of on location bottling.

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