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Iron Monkey is the sort of action movie that doesn’t bury the lead.  Iron Monkey is the hero of the film, he’s a badass in the Robin Hood tradition and this movie gets right to the point – surreal kung fu fighting! As a quick aside, I am unclear if this story is based on an actual Chinese folk hero or not – I lean toward yes, it is, but I’m not positive… so take that for what you will.

Anyway, Iron Monkey speaks for itself:  there are good guys, bad guys and their motivations are clear.   This also means the characters don’t have a ton of depth:  Iron Monkey, for example, is just a good man – by day, he helps the people as a doctor, by night, he helps the people as a vigilante.  On the other hand, Fox (the police chief) and Wong Kei-ying (you know, that kid’s dad), are a bit more interesting than other people in the flick, like the governor, who is the least interesting character ever.  But at least he’s consistent; the flat characters never muck up the narrative, and that counts for something, especially when the movie is about two simple things:  good triumphing over evil and kick ass surreal martial arts.

I gotta be honest with ya, I kinda loved this movie.  It’s not perfect, but it was fun and delivered exactly what it promised.  Iron Monkey isn’t exactly a classic, but I’m giving it an 8 out of 10; if you have any interest in a Robin Hood story, an action movie or martial arts, you’ll probably dig it.

You can give it a watch here:

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