ANOTHER Game of Thrones Season 5 prediction

We’re three episodes deep in Game of Thrones Season 5 and I’ve kinda changed my whole take on the show and what’s important, where it’s going, etc.  If I’m right, House Stark matters more than I realized.

My new theory is that Game of Thrones is not an equally weighted ensemble drama like I thought but is instead a show is about the Stark children.  Nothing else is really the focus, even if it seems to be – it’s all about how that person effects the kids that are still alive.

For example, Jon Snow is Ned Stark’s bastard, as they love to remind us at every turn.  But, he’s still a Stark kid, which is why we follow his every move.  Operating under my new theory, Daenerys Targaryen is only important to the overall structure of the show because she has dragons, which make dragon glass, which Jon will ultimately need to fight the white walkers.  Otherwise, Dani doesn’t matter – everything that happens in Dani’s arc has to get her to the right place (the wall or thereabouts) at the right time (when the white walker army shows up) so she can help Jon.

Again, operating under “the show is about the Stark kids” theory, Arya Stark enters the house of black and white to make her a better killer – all of those other characters are just there to serve that end.

Which brings me to  Theon Greyjoy – a quasi Stark kid.  He wasn’t a character I was especially interested in, but the show sure did stick with him because he’s kinda Sansa Stark’s brother.  So all this stuff with Theon getting captured and tortured and transformed into Reek by Ramsay Snow and Ramsay Snow becoming Ramsay Bolton is all to help serve Sansa’s story arc:  Theon will kill Ramsay so Sansa can become the warden of the north.

So, you’ve got Jon, who will end up with access to dragons, Sansa, who will end up ruling most of Westeros and their other brother, Bran, is learning magic (or whatever).  That’s a powerful threesome, no?

Oh and Rickon Stark, the youngest… yeah, he’s cannon fodder.  I imagine his death will unit the other three.

Or so I predict!  =)

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