Disney’s Aladdin movie review

Twenty years later, I finally got around to Aladdin.  Oh, sorry – Disney’s Aladdin.  (You have to put “Disney” in front of their movies or else Mickey will give you a beating.)  Anyway, it wasn’t what I expected. 

Sorry, sorry – can’t get the image of Mickey beating the crap out of the Jonas Brothers expunged from my brain.  It’s a nice visual metaphor for everything they did in the 90s after The Lion King.

So, Disney’s Aladdin – I gotta admit, it’s better than I thought it’d be.   There’s a lot to like here; the songs, the combination of the actor’s performance with the animation – they really let funny people like Gilbert Gottfried and Robin Williams just run with their characters.  They hired funny dudes and just let them be funny – it was a brave choice I wouldn’t expect Disney to make.  A gutsy move that paid off; they could have so easily edited those two guys down, but they left it in and I maintain it’s a big part of why this movie still revered today.

Not to spend too much time on Genie and Iago, but boy, Genie is even weirder than I thought.  Hey, I live on earth, so I’m aware of Robin Williams’ riffing in this flick… they real.y let him off the chain and didn’t rein him in during the editing.  So much weird stuff, so many jokes only parents would get… and Iago is hardcore.  He’s got some stuff in there that is at best borderline inappropriate for kids.

That’s probably why I like it so much.

I think you run into some minor problems with the side characters – I guess they’re “supporting” characters in the sense that they have no arc and just help advance the plot and push the leads forward.  Abu, Carpet, Iagoo, the tiger (whose name I can’t recall and of course, there’s no way for me to look that up…) – all these characters have to compete for screen time and it’d probably easier if they’d of just eliminated one of them.  There’s not enough Carpet for me…  (I really like Carpet for some reason) and the tiger is kinda useless.


The old man at the beginning of the movie is Genie, right?  That’s clearly Robin Williams.  This is the life he has after Aladdin sets him free.

Also, “A Whole New World” is about a young man talking (coaxing) a young woman through losing her virginity.  Listen to those words again.  I’m just sayin’.

The best thing I can say about Disney’s Aladdin is that it’s a tight 90 minutes.  In an age where every big production like this is two hours (at least), it’s nice to see a flick that keeps the redundancy to a minimum.  The movie features zero surprises (if you don’t count wondering what Robin Williams is going to pull out of his bag next, which I don’t – I meant story wise) and this where it stops taking risks (the way it did with the comedy) and just plays by the rules.   I wouldn’t go so far as to say Aladdin (rrr Disney’s Aladdin) is a timeless classic that everyone must have in their collection, but it’s probably worth seeing once even if you don’t like animated musicals.  Yeah, that’s the ticket:  it transcends genres, but it’s not a perfect movie – it’s merely a great one.  I’m going to give this flick a rare 8.7 out of 10.  (I usually only do .0 or .5)

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