Rodenbach Grand Cru Beer & Two Stars Straight Bourbon reviews



Currently damaging my liver:  beer that sorta tastes like wine BUT IS NOT BARLEY WINE and Buffalo Trace’s little brother.   Are they any good?  Join me after the jump!

What’s Rodenbach Grand Cru, you ask?  The official website has this to say (in part because it’s true and in part because they are crazy):

Rodenbach Grand Cru (Alc. 6% Vol.) is a blend of “young” beer (33%) and an older beer (67%) that has matured in oak vats. It is the high percentage of the older ripened-in-oak beer that gives it the complex and intense bouquet with a very long aftertaste like a Grand Cru wine. This is a complex beer with lots of wood and fruity esters, wine-like and with a balsamic vinegar aroma. A sharp taste, fruity, refreshing and with a balanced Madeira-like sweetness.  The late Michael Jackson bestowed upon this beer the titles of “World Classic” and “the Burgundy of Belgium.”

So…  yeah.  It’s the coupling of the most awkward description and endorsement you could ever imagine.  But again, it’s true.  That’s really what it tastes like and apparently, Michael Jackson really said that.  Anyway, I didn’t love it – I didn’t hate it.  It’s just an odd taste.  If you like trying new things (and/or barley wine), give it a whirl, but if you continue to insist that neighborhood children get off your lawn, this probably isn’t the beer for you.



Two Stars is made by the Buffalo Trace Distillery and it shows – basically, this is the Stephen Baldwin of bourbons.  It’s good, just not as good as Alec Baldwin – but its price tag is easier on the wallet than good ol’ Buffalo Trace, so you take your good with the bad.  So…  yeah. It’s not as good as Buffalo Trace, but it is good, just not as good as its big brother, but you’ll save a few bucks.  As the saying goes, “no man can serve two masters” and the case was never truer than Buffalo Trace vs Two Stars.  It’s the most aptly named bourbon EVER.

So that’s what’s currently rotting my insides, folks.  Remember, when you’re drinking:

When you go out drinking, be fab - call a cab!

When you go out drinking, be fab – call a cab!

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