New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser #2 Thoughts

Well, here’s the second trailer for Star Wars:  The Force Awakens.  As per tradition, there’s no information on the plot, but this time around, it’s even more sparse than usual.  (See the first trailer here.)  Based on this new information, I’ve got some thoughts and predictions. 


That’s not Tatooine.  Why not?
Well, they’re telling us what it’s not – and it’s not Tatooine.  I’m just wondering what the point of going to a desert planet in a Star Wars movie is if it’s not Tatooine…  unless this is what Endor looks like after the battle in Return of the Jedi.  There’s something in one of the now disavowed books about a star destroyer crash causing terrible environmental damage to a planet… but now I’m going far afield.


What does somebody need with Darth Vader’s mask?  And who went to Endor to get it?
For some reason, I have developed a weird “This movie is tied to the end of RotJ and part of this movie takes place there.  Maybe this is an important relic to present day Sith…


“I’m the new Disney Princess!”
If you’re a beautiful brunette and you’re prominently featured in a Star Wars movie trailer, I’m just going to have to assume you’re Han and Leia’s daughter, and therefore, a Princess (I guess) because Grandma was a Queen… however that works.


And therefore, this is Leia handing her daughter her light saber… before she dies.
For some reason, I just don’t see Carrie Fisher having a large presence in these movies.


“I’m a Sith and I’m hiding my face so there can be a big dramatic reveal!”
Wild speculation includes:

  • Mark Hamill pitched the idea that Luke goes to the dark side in RotJ and comes back to the good side only when he has to decide between killing Han and his new-found dark side powers, so maybe something like that is happening.
  • This is another Solo kid who’s gone bad – seems like a much simpler solution, good reason to hide his identity…
  • Bad guys in Star Wars movies have weird faces/wear masks – it’s just tradition.


“I’m the new Boba Fett!”
Well, he doesn’t have to be a Fett specifically, just that sort of badass character that the fans love.


“Chewy.  We’re Old.”
Well, not you, Chewy.  Just Harrison Ford.  I like to imagine that there was a conversation in a big Disney conference room about whether or not to grew up Chewbacca’s fur.  Looks like they went with no.

Unlike the first trailerStar Wars has now officially piqued my curiosity.  Not that a lack thereof would have kept me out of the theater, but it’s fun to have a big action movie to look forward to.


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  1. luke r2d2 star wars the force awakens
    somebody pointed out to me that the bit with R2 looked like it was on Geonosis and that’s Luke with him. seems possible

  2. luke's light saber
    apparently, this is Luke’s first light saber (AKA Anakin’s second). Meaning… Darth Vader retrieved it before he left Bespin (because who else knew it was there?) and someone else has it now and gave it to the young lady… I guess Luke could have went and picked it up at some point over the years…
    I guess this just begs the question if someone has Luke’s hand… and therefor they have enough material to clone him? Just saying, there’s a guy with a mask running around this flick!
    But I don’t see Mark Hamill playing two characters in this flick… right?

    Apparently, the average wookie lifespan is about 400 years – that’s why Chewbacca isn’t gray!

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