Thoughts on Game of Thrones s 5, ep 1: The Wars to Come

“Game on!”

Game of Thrones is back with another exposition filled episode to kick everything off for season 5. 

Prophecy… of things you already know.
The Cerci prophecy scene was kinda useless… it’s season 5. I already know all that stuff and if the point is that the Lannisters are not the legitimate heirs to the iron throne… who cares? Stanis and Dany are the only players who can actually take it from them anyway, and they plan to, so… whatever. Maybe this sort of “You’re not legit!” could weaken them in the meantime, but again, Stanis and Dany are coming anyway, AND DANY HAS DRAGONS…  even if she can’t control them right now. But she’ll figure it out. Eventually. It might take 10 episodes, but trust me, she’ll get there. She’ll be riding them around before you know it. Sorry for the aside – back to Cerci.  Maybe that unknown little girl will show up as an adult and we’ll find out the answers to the other two questions.

You have to love that they addressed Tyrion’s poop. These two together are magic – you’ve got to love it any time Varys and Tyrion get together, and now they have a vested interest. This is going ot be awesome.

I told you they’re coming for Dany!
Those masked a-holes are gonna try to take everything Dany has – and they’ll do it piece by piece if they must.

Meanwhile, at the wall, everyone is being nonsensical
Here are some conversations heard at the wall: “Are you a virgin?” “No.” “Good. Because we have to burn one soon.”  (I’m just saying…) “Bend the knee and get on the right side of the wall.  That’s what matters – so all of the wildlings don’t get white walkered.” “No; it’ll all fall apart.” “Ugh, I wash my hands of you. Maybe that red headed dude is more practical.” And another important thing happened here:  John earns the respect of the wildlings by arrowing the king beyond the wall before he really started screaming – I imagine he’ll eventually command them on the field of battle…

Oh, Little Finger and Stansa Stark!
Who the hell knows what they’re up to. I guess we’ll find out.   In a way, Little Finger is the most evil character on the show.  That dude will rock and roll at the drop of a hat if it serves his purpose.

Well, that’s all for now.  Join me next time when one presumes the religious people will begin making their presence known in King’s Landing!

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