Game of Thrones Season 5 predictions

Winter is coming!

Or rather, Game of Thrones Season 5 predictions.  Join me!

Well, yeah, there will definitely be pain – there’s always violence, death, gore and BEWBS.  We know this.  But specifically, what can we expect from season 5?  As always, a lot.

(Oh, and keep in mind – I haven’t read the books – I’m purely going off what’s seen on the small screen.)

While there’s a lot of different threads roaming around westeros and elsewhere, I think Season 5 will primarily deal with the big three issues.

Stanis takes over the north
As we know, the North is the biggest territory and it’s ripe for the plucking.  Stanis clearly has the men to do so, and once he gets the Wildlings under his control, his numbers will double (if not more so).  It’s only a matter of time.

Actually, winter IS coming
Yeah, I know I just said it wasn’t, but the army of the dead is coming, and winter with it.  It’s going to get cold out there as the Army of the Dead marching on The Wall and Castle Black.  Shiz is going to get real.

Everyone realizes who has the dragons
Only Dany has an air force and her enemies are going to come for her before it’s too late for them.  Once she has a navy to carry her army to Westeros and her dragons are full grown, it’s game over – everybody knows that.  This is their last chance to take the fight to her and you can be sure they’re going to do it.  Hence those guys in the masks.

Holy War
That pios dude in King’s Landing is going to start some shiz.  Obviously, that place is ripe with sin and without Tywin or Tyrion to keep things from getting out of hand… well, you can bet things are going to get crazy up in that piece.

Little Finger will use Sansa to further his agenda – he doesn’t love her
I guess that goes without saying…  but yeah.  What he’s planning, I have no idea, but you can bet he’ll also try to become King in the North.

Oberyn Martell’s family comes for revenge
You can’t just crush a powerful guy’s head and think that’s that.  Those folks are bad @ss and they’re coming for the Lannisters.

John Snow and Dani
Eventually, these two are going to end up together…  I don’t know why I think so, because they’ve never met (right?); but I just do.

Tyrion and Varys joins Dani
This is going to happen and it’s going to be awesome.  They know who the winner is going to be and they want to get on the winning side and to get burned to death by dragon fire.

When a dragon goes rogue
Yeah, the big black one; don’t think that one isn’t going to pop up when you least expect it and make a difference.

That kid from Love Actually is an ice zombie now
Rrr… what’s that dudes name?  You know, the blood young man with the seizures and the magic powers?  He’s a zombie now and maybe, just maybe, what’s his name (the kid who can’t walk) will heal him with his magic powers.  (Or, at least send him back to a normal death.)

Stanis is going to sacrifice his daughter
Why else would the Red Witch insist they bring her on their campaign?  She’s just a kid.  They’re going to burn her at the stake because All Men Must Die, even little girls.

Got predictions?  Drop ’em in the comments!  (Oh, and if you’re going to predict that they’re going to show a lot of BEWBS… well, you’re not wrong!)

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