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Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins star in 1984’s The Bounty, a ship charged with the task of journeying from England to Tahiti to procure breadfruit plants and then continue on to the Caribbean so that said plants could become a food source for slave labor there.   I only mention the plot here because whenever I reference this movie in conversation, folks look at me like I’m crazy, so if nothing else, I can use this first paragraph to mention that this is a movie everybody should see at least once… oh and it also features Laurence Olivier.

But, before you rush off to watch this on amazon prime instant video (that’s where we watched the flick), there is one thing I should tell you about this movie… 

spoiler alert

Just to be clear, there is an ENORMOUS amount of boobs in this movie.  As in: with a pair of boobs here, and a pair of boobs there, here a boob, there a boob, everywhere a boob, boob.


There are lots of em in this movie.  Just sayin’.  But, they are relevant boobs, not just boobs for the sake of boobs.  Consistent… and, I presume, factual boobs.

Also, if you want to play the ultimate Anthony Hopkins drinking game, do a shot every time Hannibal Lector says ‘sir’ and you will be on the floor in a puddle of your own various filth within the first half hour.

After that, it’s all good.  This is an excellent movie with amazing production value and performances that you really need to see.  The complex nature of a relationship between a captain and the crew, the officers and the men, European nations and the island people they exploited… there’s a lot going on in this movie, let’s leave it at that.  Check out The Bounty; it’s an overlooked classic.

(Probably because of the boobs.)

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