The Last September movie review

Help me out here, folks – surely there is a critical feminist analysis of The Last September that can make sense of all this.

I have three major gripes with this movie; the first is just a general filmmaking thing.

ONE:  It’s important to establish your characters, but you probably don’t need to do it over and over again for an entire hour.  it’s one thing to be long on character and short on plot, but this movie really pushes the limits.


TWO:  The first time things get all sexual assault-ee at the old mill… how the hell did… you know, Who’s Its and Mustache know Lois was at the old mill?  And they were running to get there… did her virgin alarm go off or what?

THREE:  Why in the hell did Lois go back there a second time?  I am not smart enough to figure this out.

The Last September has lots of good performances and sorta interesting characters (Lois’ cousin is beyond useless); the story’s not bad… oh, and the production is pretentious as all hell: observe the dancing as shot through the window in the first few moments or making out as seen through the telescope as the most obvious examples.

And yet, there’s something transportive about this movie.  It’s not great, but it’s… spell binding, I guess.  It’s worth watching, and I did like it, but I certainly didn’t love.  I keep moving around on score:  sometimes I say 6.5, sometimes 7, sometimes 7.5.  Anyway, that’s my range, so I’d say that if you’re big on BBC-ish drama, you should check this out, but general audiences should steer clear of The Last September.

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