My Little Pony Faires make a Princess – I guess…

my little pony princess

There’s nothing more confusing than turning on the television mid program.  Being an 90s kid, I thought I could decipher a My Little Pony montage… but nope.  No idea what’s happening here. 

As best as I could decipher, there are smaller fairy My Little Ponies who made a regular size My Little Pony a princess and everyone was glad… I know that sounds straight forward, but it confused the hell out of me.  Obviously, I’m not in their target demo… and one the other hand, My Little Pony has always been confusing…

See, the My Little Pony branding was so strong back in the day that even though there’s no ponies in this commercial, you still knew.  YOU JUST KNEW!

Anyway, if you still believe that the prettiest rainbows lead to a magical sea… go you, I guess.

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