My 6 Favorite Over the Top Crazy Movie Villains


We love to hate the antagonist (bad guy) in movies and the crazier they are, the better the movie (Battlefield Earth aside).  Sometimes, a movie villain will makes the leap from “Give me all your money!” to “Give me all your intestines!” and this is when we get a bad guy that is truly out of their mind.  Here are six movie villains that fit the proverbial bill.

Coincidentally enough, the villains from Over the Top don’t quality… 

1. Bodhi from Point Break
Bodhi loves extreme sports, philosophy and ROBBING BANKS!  (You ever watch Sesame Street?  “One of these things is not like the other one!”)  Even after his gang is infiltrated by an FBI agent, he still wants to keep “playing the game.”  Yeah, in this guy’s mind, armed robbery is a game.  Just put on your former United States Presidents mask (because most money has a former President on it… synergy!) and point an automatic rifle at innocent bank patrons.  Obviously, that’s a game!  Even after kidnapping Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend, he can’t get a foothold on reality.  “Tyler was my woman, man!  I could never hurt her!  So instead, I’ll have this guy do it!”  See, they’ve got her tied up and they’re threatening her life, but Bodhi isn’t going to carry out the deed himself, so it’s fine.

2. Major Vic “Deak” Deakins from Broken Arrow
Deak’s plan is simple:  steel nuclear weapons from his air force bomber, set off one in a controlled detonation and ransom the other one off to the United States government so you can buy five percent of Volvo and live off the interest.
Seriously.  That’s the villain’s plan.  He wants to own a small percentage of a Swedish car manufacturing conglomerate.  (Uhm, I don’t think Sweden’s that neutral…)
Of all the bad guys on this list, at least knows he’s crazy:
HAIL:  “You’re out of your mind, Deak!”
DEAKINS:  “Yeah.  Ain’t it cool?”

3. Kahn from Star Trek II:  The Wrath of Khan
Kahn is one of those movie villains who can’t follow his own rules.  At first, it seems that all he wants is a ship and to steal the Genesis device – getting revenge on Kirk is just an added bonus.  Once he leaves Admiral Kirk marooned on the asteroid, Kahn seems orgasmically satisfied, and yet, he keeps coming back, keeps risking everything he has for nothing, no matter how many people around him keep begging him not to.

4. Terry Silver from The Karate Kid Part III
Terry is so rich that he has nothing better to do then help an old buddy get revenge on a teenager.  And he not only is cool with this, he enjoys it.  When asked to make Danny’s knuckles bleed, he becomes extremely enthusiastic and laughs manically.  This guy is a mustache away from tying Mr. Miagi to some train tracks.  Terry’s cohorts get honorable mention: Danny doesn’t want to compete in the tournament but finally agrees when they threaten to throw him and his friend off a cliff!  That’s some Bugs Bunny shiz right there!

5. James from Twilight
If you were a vampire, who would you feed on?  Unsuspecting knuckleheads that wander deserted streets of crowded cities late at night?  Or a teenage girl that is protected by a half a dozen vampires, one of which can see the future?  The movie’s justification for this is that James is a relentless hunter and once he chooses prey, he’ll never give up until he catches said victim, but seriously… there’s challenge and then there’s getting your head ripped off and your body burned to ash with whatever the “good” vampires can find lying around.

6. The Joker from Batman (1989)
While the Joker in The Dark Knight is researching the human condition and conducting social experiments, the Joker that turns up in Batman is just crazy.  This Joker wants to kill people because… no reason.  He just likes killing people and making them smile while he does it to them using a secret combination of chemicals in everyday household items without their knowledge because that’s the joke!  Hilarious, right?  And his takeover of the organized crime families is beyond theatrical – even one of the mafia bosses in the room says, “You’re crazy.” To which the Joker responds, “Haven’t you ever heard of the healing power of laughter?”  Rrr…  you just burned a guy to death for nothing.  Imagine if there was a murder every time a business deal went sour – every city in the world would be littered with more corpses than that scene in Hunger Games:  Mockingjay Part I.

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