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The Slippery Slope that a Gay Marriage Ban could lead to


See what I did there in the title?  Folks usually make the argument in reference to legalizing gay marriage being a slippery slope to bedlam, but I’m taking it the other way!  Come at me, bro! 
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No Parking!

I’ve seen some parking fails in my day, but this is the most severe no parking warning I’ve ever bared witness to in all the years I’ve traveled the earth…  In case it’s not clear, the sign on the right has BLINKING LIGHTS.  McDonald’s is so worried about IHOP customers taking up their precious parking that this is the lengths they’ve gone to – they’ve deployed the LEDs, folks.

Of course, I wouldn’t eat at either “restaurant,” so I don’t have a proverbial horse in the race…  but yeah.  So much for share and share alike, huh?  It’s just the sort of “people first” attitude we’ve come to expect from McDonald’s.

Toilet humor in photos


There’s nothing like going back to your home town and seeing THIS spray painted on a wall.  There’s art, there’s social commentary and then there’s writing “Who Farted?” on a private building but deciding that it necessitates a capitalization styled in MLA title format, hence the uppercase F.

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Our Weekend in Pictures


We growin’ grass, ya’ll!

If you’d like to see the INCREDIBLE* adventures of what two domestic thirtysomethings got up to this weekend in photographic form, then this is the post for you!  Read the rest of this entry

Saturday Cat Blog 4/25/15


This may not be the best angle for Pewter (left), but those are some sleepy and snuggly kitties!  And they’re mirroring each other!  It doesn’t get any better than this.

Understanding Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

What is Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars?  Here’s the answer to a question no one asked!  Short version: saying it’s a f@cked up game show is a more apt description than saying it’s reality TV.  The long version is a bit more complicated.

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Disney’s Aladdin movie review

Twenty years later, I finally got around to Aladdin.  Oh, sorry – Disney’s Aladdin.  (You have to put “Disney” in front of their movies or else Mickey will give you a beating.)  Anyway, it wasn’t what I expected.  Read the rest of this entry

Star Wars Rebels trailer for season 2 looks better than The Force Awakens


REBELS: “We’re boned.”

Darth Vader helps… a lot.  Read the rest of this entry

Rodenbach Grand Cru Beer & Two Stars Straight Bourbon reviews



Currently damaging my liver:  beer that sorta tastes like wine BUT IS NOT BARLEY WINE and Buffalo Trace’s little brother.   Are they any good?  Join me after the jump! Read the rest of this entry

“A Star Is Burns” – The Simpsons Season 6 episode review

I generally glance over episodes of The Simpsons when I talk about each season, but in the case of the season 6 episode “A Star Is Burns,” I feel that further study is warranted.  Springfield’s film festival has so much to offer!  Read the rest of this entry

He did what? And got HOW MUCH TIME?



Let me pause while I get my official reaction to this new together.   Read the rest of this entry

I repurposed a Keurig k-cup box as a napkin holder. You’re WELCOME.


YES!  RECYCLING!  Read the rest of this entry

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